The pandemic is actually testing the mental health of many people.

During the pandemic, people are experiencing loss. Better it now by recognizing the types of vitamins for health. Physical health and mental condition are also important to always be maintained.

In times of multidimensional crisis like now, it is essential to have a healthy body and soul to be vital to face any conditions. All have value in the eyes of others, so taking care of yourself is necessary.

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Types of Vitamins for Immunity during a Pandemic

Vitamins have various tasks and vital roles for the human body, but there is no need to overdo them. Everyone has different nutritional deficiencies, and see the discussion of the following types of vitamins.

1. Vitamin B

Vitamin B has up to eight different types. When combined into a complex, it can convert food intake into energy for the body. Vitamins B1, B2, and B3 maintain skin health and beauty.

Types of vitamins have the task of helping the production of amino acids and fatty acids. Vitamin B9 has a role in cell division in pregnant women reducing the risk of defects and premature birth.

2. Ascorbic Acid (Vit C)

Ascorbic acid can be used in the natural human collagen production process. Its function is to maintain skin elasticity, heal wounds, and strengthen blood vessels. The antioxidant content also prevents free radical contamination.

Lack of this type of vitamin ascorbic acid can cause slow wound healing, nerve disorders, decreased muscle mass, to anemia. If not fulfilled, it can even lower the immune system during the fight against pathogens.

3. Vitamin D

Want to have strong and healthy bones? Increase vitamin D consumption as a tool for calcium absorption, support bone strength, and increase the body’s resistance to deadly infections.

4. Vitamin E

In addition to ascorbic acid, types of vitamin E also contain high antioxidants to protect against cell damage caused by external aggressors. This micronutrient is very useful for maintaining endurance to slow down aging.

5. Vitamin A

This micronutrient is one of the essential nutrients with a critical role. Includes supporting cell growth, fetal growth, eye health, skin, reproductive function, to the body’s immune system.

Maintaining Mental Health Is Important

Maintaining mental health is not only done by taking vacations to tourist attractions. But during the pandemic, there are many obstacles, so it is impossible to do it freely.

Consuming vitamins A-K helps support health conditions so that they are not susceptible to disease. Besides being beneficial for physical health, nutritious food and vitamins are good for maintaining mental health.

If you want to improve your mood, eating carbohydrates can increase the production of the hormone serotonin. Also, rely on vegetables and fruits as compliments.

When sleep deprivation, a person becomes difficult to control his mood. Therefore, do not spend time just staying up late without doing productive things. As a result, it can trigger a sense of fatigue.

Sleeping at night is the key to keeping the mind relaxed and avoiding mental disturbances. Please drink the vitamins and sleep at least 7-8 hours per day.

Before saying something or suggesting something about yourself, make sure it’s positive. Positive words can change the view of something, in contrast to negative views that bring it down.

Please don’t force yourself to do a lot of work at once because it can affect your mental health. Instead, keep in touch with other people like family.

The most important thing is to avoid spending too much time on social media to prevent negative emotions from arising. Keep feeding your body with types of vitamins to support daily activities.

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