About Mandira

Mandira Distra Abadi started as a distribution agency company (Rading founded on 29 November 1993 by Mr. Asikin M.K. After several warehouse developments and location changes, Mandira Distra Abadi specifically provides integrated drug distribution services in Indonesia.

Mandira Distra Abadi means a name in line with its purpose: to live forever. Mandira tells ‘a very strong tree’ or ‘sacred building’ in Sanskrit. Meanwhile, Distra stands for distribution, trading, and agency. Abadi is meant to convey the eternity of Mandira’s noble impact on others.

As the name suggests, this company also aims to impact others positively. One example is during the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, where Mandira Distra Abadi distributes necessities to residents. Not only that, but Mandira also intervened when a natural disaster occurred through the aid of medicines. Quality of service that was fast, responsive, and affordable was Mandira’s priority.


Top Service to

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Support government programs in the health sector

to lead a healthy and prosperous society.


Equal distribution of the availability implementation of medicines, vitamins, and food supplements,

especially in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, and throughout Indonesia.


To support the Indonesian

government’s health program to

improve people’s welfare


Our Past


  • 1994
    Mandira Distra Abadi started with a 20m2 warehouse with their first Principal, PT ITRASAL Pharmaceutical industries, Semarang, which produces generic drugs, OTC (Over the Counter) medications, and health supplements.
  • 2002
    Mandira Distra Abadi relocated to Gelong Baru and increased its warehouse capacity to 60m2. Mandira Distra Abadi renovated the office building and increased the storage warehouse capacity to 180m2
  • 2003
    Mandira Distra Abadi collaborates with PT Graha Farma, Solo, and PT First Medipharma, Surabaya. The two principals also produce medical equipment, branded OTC (Over the Counter) drugs, and health supplements. T Graha Farma also produces ordinary cosmetics, while PI Fist Mediphama produces cosmetics that are safe for pregnant women
  • 2004
    Mandira Distra Abadi, Principal of PT IFARS Pharmaceutical Laboratones, and PIM Pharmaceuticals, Surabaya, began to form a partnership with PT IFARS Pharmaceutical to produce OTC (Over the Counter) drugs, prescription drugs, health supplements, while PIM Pharmaceuticals produces the branded drugs, health supplements, and also cosmetics
  • 2005
    Mandira Distra Abadi started a partnership with Principal BERLICO Mulia Farma, Yogyakarta, which produces branded drugs, generic drugs, OTC (Over the Counter) drugs, herbal medicines, and health supplements.
  • 2007
    Mandira Distra Abadi collaborates with Principal Novaphann, Surabaya, which has produced more than 180 types of medicinal products and health supplements.
  • 2018
    Mandira Distra Abadi changes location to Peta Barat with a warehouse capacity of 400m2
  • 2019
    Mandira Distra Abadi obtained a CDOB Certificate (Good Drug Distribution Method).
  • 2021
    Mandira Distra Abadi has formed a partnership with Principal Holi Pharma, Bandung, which is used nationally by various Indonesian hospitals and clinics. Apart from Holi Pharm Abadi, he also collaborates with Zenith Pharmaceuticals and Bufa Aneka, Semarang.
  • 2022
    Mandira Distra Abadi carried out a warehouse expansion with an additional 180m2 area and a capacity of 336 pallets.

Storage Process

We carried the drug storage out by separating inappropriate drugs from drugs that are fit for consumption, arranging storage shelves based on categories of vitamins/supplements, branded drugs, generic drugs with logos, and herbal medicines.



Mandira only accepts products that meet quality standards and have a distribution permit, namely drugs that have complied with CBOP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and have been approved by BPOM. Mandira also uses batch numbering to distinguish each product received, record storage period, and expiration date, routinely cleans warehouses to increase safety and pest control, and run according to CDOB regulations (Good Drug Distribution Methods) that BPOM has set


Distribution Zone and Time Period


Mandira targets delivery to all parts of Indonesia, especially the Jakarta area, with the fastest target distribution time of 24 hours (for Jakarta and surrounding areas) up to 2×24 hours (for areas outside Jakarta).


PT IFARS Pharmaceutical

PT ITRASAL Pharmaceutica

PT PIM Pharmaceuticals

PT BERLICO Mulia Farma


Zenith Pharmaceuticals

PT Novapharin

PT Graha Farma

PT First Medipharma

PT HOLI Pharma


Bufa Aneka


Pedagang Besar Farmasi (PBF)

and Cara Distribusi Obat yang Baik (CDOB)

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