Apparently, pharmacies have different types with different functions.

The pharmacy businesses is mushrooming along with the increasing public need for health. In addition, a pharmacy is a place that provides for pharmaceutical needs, and people can get easy access to health through pharmacies.

In contrast to drug stores, which are places for buying and selling transactions, pharmacies have a more significant function. Consumers can get services related to the pharmaceutical sector, including consultation on the selection, use, and side effects of drugs.

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7 Most Common Types of Pharmacy Businesses

Its role is vast as a provider of pharmaceutical needs, and it turns out that pharmacies have various types. Above all, there are seven types of pharmacies that have their respective roles.

1. Retail Pharmacy

The first type of pharmacy business is retail or community, and this type is the most common. Business owners establish such pharmacies amid communities such as shopping areas, shophouses, and settlements.

Here people can find drugs to cure common ailments. These include medicine for diarrhea, flu, cough, headache, skin medicine, vitamin supplements, and other standard medicines.

2. Hospital Pharmacy or Clinic

This type is in a clinic or hospital environment. That is to say, responsible for meeting drug needs for patients who doctors have prescribed. This pharmacy business helps doctors make doses and determine the most appropriate type of medicine for the treatment of patients.

Pharmacies, clinics, or hospitals are industries that cooperate with pharmaceutical companies. So do not sell drug brands specifically. In other words, you can find pharmacies drugs in retail pharmacies.

3. Industrial Pharmacy

This type of pharmacy specializes in promoting and selling drugs from particular companies. Its primary purpose is to educate and answer community problems regarding sick complaints. Furthermore, pharmacists help achieve the pharmaceutical industry targets of the company concerned.

4. Concoct Pharmacy

This type of pharmacy business provides drugs in the form of concoctions. It can be in the form of powder, capsule, or solution. Generally erected near the location of residential residents and health facilities. Its function remains the same, namely providing counseling and medicine for the community.

Even though it is labeled a concoction pharmacy, consumers can get finished drugs here. The number may not be as many as retail pharmacies because the main focus of this business is selling concoction drugs.

5. Walking Pharmacy

Business owners carry out the running pharmacy by picking up the ball in carrying out its activities. Not waiting for consumers to come, but instead coming to consumers. This condition is done because consumers’ location is far from urban areas.

Often found in remote rural areas. Generally, use an ambulance or health car. In addition to providing drugs, this pharmacy business activity is to offer health services to the community.

6. Home Care Pharmacy

This Pharmacy specializes in providing pharmaceutical services for patients treated at home. Most drugs are given in the form of an injection—examples for patients with mental disorders, oncology, chemotherapy, and unique patients related to nutrition.

Pharmacists or special officers visit the patient’s home specifically upon request. Same with picking up the ball, but the patient is an individual who requires special treatment in this case.

7. Research Pharmacy

This type of Pharmacy does not sell drugs to the public. Its existence has a duty as a researcher or research on circulating drugs. Pharmacists and experts need to carry out a series of tests to ensure medicines in the community are safe and valuable.

From this Pharmacy, people get educated about their drugs’ benefits and side effects, including price and expiration date. These pharmacy businesses cooperate with certain agencies and do not take profit from consumers.

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